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Outward Bound Outdoor education courses

Currently, all our courses for youngsters are delivered in Croatian. You can find out more about open applications on our Croatian sites.
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Winter Adventure

Did you know that winter is not only made for indoor activities? On our Winter Adventure, you'll enjoy staying outdoors, hanging out offline, and sitting around the warm campfire.
OBC Proljetna putolovina

Spring Adventure

Get out of your comfort zone. Conquer mountain tops, explore the underground world of caves, and experience a real adventure on our 5-day expedition course in Lika!
OBC Ljetna pustolovina

Summer Adventure

Summer is the right time for adventures! Turn off all devices, pack your backpack, and join us on a 7-day expedition. Reserve your spot!

What is an Outward Bound Course for Youngsters?

1. Method

An Outward Bound course is an expedition course for youngsters. It's based on the experiential learning method. This means that the instructors who accompany your group are in charge of your safety but give you a lot of freedom and responsibility in leading, organizing, and taking care of each other.

The goal of the course is to help you get out of your comfort zone, try out something new, and discover that you can do much more than you think you can. Whether it's conquering a mountain top, rock climbing, setting up a campsite, or preparing dinner on the campfire - an Outward Bound experience will completely throw you out of your daily rut.

OBC programi za mlade - metoda

2. Location

The main activity of an Outward Bound course is a land expedition. This means that, as a group, you hike each day from campsite to campsite, where you're sleeping under the star-lit sky.

The course starts and ends in our education center, in Veliki Žitnik, a small village next to the town of Gospić. The center used to be the village's primary school that we have renovated and turned into a hostel. When you come to our course, this is where you will get all the necessary equipment and prepare for the expedition. Each Outward Bound adventure ends by returning back to the center.

OBC programi za mlade - l3
OBC programi za mlade - l4

3. How to Prepare

We don't expect you to own all the equipment you'll need for an overnight stay in nature. We provide that. Your task is to bring layered sports clothing and firm and comfortable footwear for hiking.

You'll also need to organize your travel to Gospić, where we will pick you up. You can also arrive at the education center by car.

If you want to physically prepare for the course, be active! Walk, run, hike, ride a bike, move every day!


4. Instructors

Two instructors, usually a female and a male instructor, accompany a group of 10 to 15 participants. Our instructors are experienced in the outdoors and in youth work. They have completed hiking, alpinism, and speleology courses, or they have grown up as scouts and youth leaders themselves.

5. Safety

Our participants' safety on the course is our top priority! That's why we have regular instructor training courses, maintenance of our equipment, and a Safety Board that creates and reviews all procedures for implementing our activities. We are part of Outward Bound International, a network of outdoor schools that oversees the quality of our work.

Furthermore, we conduct all our activities following the Challenge-By-Choice principle. This means that you won't have to participate in any activity that would push you into your panic zone.

OBC programi za mlade - sigurnost
A mind broadened with experience can never be forced into its old frames anymore.
Lucija Mlakar, 3.b
I would recommend the program precisely because of the number of skills we gained here, such as responsibility, self-awareness and teamwork, that we do not develop in our everyday life. What I liked the most was realising the importance of teamwork, and what are my abilities and fears. I learned in practice the meaning of the verb 'empower'
The participant of the 8-day program
I would recommend this course to everyone, because it's such an aberration from everyday life that you have to get out of this experience as a changed person if you embrace all the challenges given. I would definitely describe myself now, after the training, as more in tuned with myself and who I actually am.
The participant of the 8-day program
Climbing was the best part for me becausue I find it cool how you have to believe in others and in yourself. What I liked least was the fact that we did not stay long enough to see and try more things. I learned that we should help each other and have confidence in people around us.
The participant of the 8-day program
I believe my social skills have significantly improved. I made new valuable friendships that still continue. By doing physical activity I gained muscle weight. I gained new skills - reading topographic maps and compass, which I could immediately try out on the field.
... Thanks to this course he has developed some new skills, he became very confident when in nature. During the last years we haven't seen he has so much patience when achieving his goals ...
Aleksandra Berberih Slana and Robert Berberih, parents of the participant
I believe that a lot more of young people should be included in the program during the compulsory school program and during weekends. At the time that lies ahead, the skills that youth gain through this program, will be a key factor for the understanding of life in reality, here and now.
Božena Štokan, parent of the participant of the course
... it seemed as if the days passed very quickly. By the end all participants wanted to stay longer and they couldn’t believe how quickly the time had passed. Over the eight days all the participants learned more than anyone would expect ...
Marija Mažić, mag.paed.soc., educator
She did not mind the fact that during the course sleeping conditions, hygiene and nutrition were not the same as the ones she is used to, she accepted those conditions as a part of a course's task and did not perceive that as a problem. All in all, Lorena was very pleased and it is our impression that the program was of great benefit, primarily to her general satisfaction.
Zoran and Višnja Loja, parents of the participant
... My child was very pleased with the program (with its diversity as well as with possibilities of staying in nature which he was not able to experinece so far) but also with the instructors who responsible for the execution of the course. In particular, he pointed out the good preparation, the ability to communicate with young people and the possibility of transferring useful knowledge to young people by your instructors ...
Anđelina Jurčić, parent of the participant of the course