Volunteering in Georgia: the Building Life project

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Why Georgia?

I fell in love with this country three years ago. The food, wine, culture and magical Caucasus mountains keep me coming back. I decided to find out how does everyday life look like in the capital, and came for 4-month EVS project Building Life. Living and volunteering in Tbilisi means taking wild rides in yellow “marshrutka”, eating tonnes of Khinkali and drinking litters of Argo beer. Seems to me now I could do it for much longer than this 4 short summer months.

What is the Building Life project about?

The main aim of the project is to promote active citizenship for building common future. We want to introduce renewable energy as a mean for sustainable living, local development and active citizenship in Georgia. We also want to educate and motivate young people to take part in the global transition towards clean and sustainable energy. For the project info pack follow this link

My main task within this exciting project is researching the topic and organizing series of workshops for young people interested in renewable energy and energy democracy. So far we had opportunity to host and learn from few green Georgian NGOs and international organizations working in this field. You can follow the project activities on DRONI’s FB page

What are we doing after office hours?

Tbilisi can sometimes turn into a concrete jungle, especially tough in summer time, and even though it grew on me fast I use every chance to run away and explore the Caucasus – from the Black Sea coast in the West to Lagodekhi Nature Reserve in the East, and from colourful Abudelauri lakes in the North to cave monastery in the semi-desert in the South. Georgia is full of wonders, come and see for yourself! 🙂

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