2nd dononr dinner

The Second Donor Dinner 06.12.2016.

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Info about the dinner

Outward Bound Croatia is organizing its second donor dinner with the motto “Let’s change the lives of young people. On a better. Forever.”. The purpose of this event is to raise funds which will allow an unforgettable experience of Outward Bound program to children from the institution “Dom za odgoj djece i mladeži Zagreb”. Together with you, we want to donate to children, who usually don’t have such an opportunity, an experience which will delight them and will also contribute to a positive personal development.

The programs are aimed at encouraging participants in discovering their potential and at rejection of imaginary boundaries so they could be an equal participants in our community without the fear. We want to give them the opportunity so they could reveal own quality, learn how to take an initiative, strengthen self – confidence and self – esteem, develop team spirit, creativity, innovation and communication skills through the expert guidance of our instructors, all that so we would have a healthier and happier society in the future.

We want to create a new opportunities and discover the beauty of life to children from the institution “Dom za odgoj djece i mladeži Zagreb” through our program, with Your financial support. Let’s show out together the positive perspective to children who are limited by lack of funding. Let’s encourage them to fantasize about a bright future in whose realization, they will not be discouraged unfavourable social conditions.

We believe that for a better future of our society we must strengthen a young people because the future is in their hands. Our programs have left a deep and positive impression on the lives of young people enabling their further education, work and successful life. Let’s provide children, for whom it has so far been only a dream, participation in the program “Winter Adventure”.

Support our work with your donation – creat powerful individuals today for a better society tomorrow!


WHERE: CROATIAN SCHOOL MUSEUM, Marshal Tito Square 4, Zagreb

The story of the museum:

Croatian School Museum is the only specialized museum for the history of education and pedagogy in Croatia, founded in 1901. The primary task of the musem is to systematically collect, study and exhibit past and present in the Croatian educational and pedagogical fields. So this is the ideal chance to get to the same place connect the past and future, in a place where meet a teacher and a student, where the unifying formal and informal education, with the purpose of encouraging young people to discover their potential and to create a better future for themselves and their country.

“We went on Papuk with trepidation, personal fears and general fear of the unknown, but we returned with pride and a smile on our face, calmer and more prepared to deal with what life brings us. Thank Outward Bound – for the memorable experience.” Ivana Kosić, prof.soc.pedagog
18:30Receiving guests
Sightseeing of the Croatian School Museum
19:30Welcome speech
19:45Looking Back
20.00OBC Present and Future
Socializing – wine and dine/td>

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