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Scuba diving

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Scuba diving has become popular for masses during 1950s, gained on popularity in 1960s and ’70s and the biggest rise happened in 1980s. A lot of things have changed since the very beginnings and with the modern equipment and techniques anybody can enjoy the excitement of scuba diving!

As we always strive to take our participants to the environment unknown to their everyday surrounding, pulling them out of their “comfort zone”, we must reach out for the world different of what they are used to. So we dive into the depths of the Adriatic.

Of all the activities done by Outward Bound Croatia, scuba diving may be the least similar to everything you have so far experienced. Beneath the surface we move differently, hear differently and even see differently.

Dive into yourself and expand your horizons

And in that kind of environment, while experiencing the wonders of underwater expands, you get to know yourself and how you react to new and unknown situations. With oxygen bottle on your back, mask on your face and dressed up in neoprene suit, you dive into a whole new physics of motion and biological environment. Common initial feeling of panic will quickly be replaced by sense of admiration and serenity. Learning underneath the sea surface is something truly outworldly.

As handling the oxygen bottle and other technicalities is unknown to the most of us, instructions from the experienced divers must be followed before the first dive. Even the neoprene suit itself can be a source of many problems, but don’t worry – our instructors will patiently teach you everything.

Interesting fact is that you don’t have to an excellent swimmer to scuba dive. As we have mentioned before, moving underneath the surface is something completely different and with a little use of hands. All you have to do is slightly wave with your legs and keep the balance with your arms.

Adriatic underwater world or searching Nemo or where to find the Atlantis

RonjenjeAlthough it is not a warm coral sea with usual colorful underwater seen in many documentaries, Adriatic underwater world yet reveals some new colours and life forms surprisingly different from the one on the surface.

In the Adriatic there are no animals dangerous to humans, but it is always important to bear in mind the “3T rule” – that is: do not take, touch or tease.

Given the rich history and prehistory of Croatian coast and sea, archaeological traces of past life, like sunken ships of buildings, are a common feature. When the divers stumble upon such findings, they are not allowed to touch and take them. They should inform and consult with the local underwater archaeological team, whose job is to take care of underwater cultural heritage.

No need for Baywatch!

Experienced diving instructor are trained to recognize even the smallest sign of danger or emergency and to act accordingly, securing you a safe dive and amazing experience of Adriatic underwater.

But for your safety, all emergency and safety procedures and signaling are demonstrated in detail before the dive. We will make sure that everybody knows how to act in every situation.

Diving with Outward Bound Croatia will give you a chance to experience nature on a completely new and exciting level, to realize your true potential by learning new skills and to cope with challenges like you have never done before!

Dive with us!

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