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Outward Bound experiential learning courses will encourage your students to actively experiment and learn more about themselves and their environment. The wilderness is our classroom!
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What Is Outward Bound?

1. Outdoor Experiential Education

An Outward Bound course is outdoor experiential education put into practice. By learning from experience and engaging in reflective discussions, our participants develop life skills. Through challenging experiences in a stimulating environment, the course helps students develop social and emotional skills as well as ecological awareness.

On courses that last for more than one day, the participants leave on an overnight expedition. During the outdoor stay, they navigate with the help of a map and compass, set up their campsite, cook on an open fire, and sleep in tents or bivouacs. Additionally, they can engage in high-ropes and low-ropes activities, sport climbing, rappelling, and raft-building.

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2. Instructors

Outward Bound instructors are experts in outdoor education. Apart from having extensive experience in outdoor activities and a love for nature, they know how to challenge a group, push their boundaries, and help them learn. In this process, they offer support so the participants can find their own solutions and identify what they've learned from the experience. Thanks to the thought-provoking questions of the instructors and the safe atmosphere they create, your students can gain insights which they can put to practice in everyday life.

Our instructors take care of a group's safety 24 hours during the course.

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3. Organizing a Course

In the preparation phase, we will provide you, the students, and their parents with all the necessary information to make sure you feel well prepared. We'll join in online on a parents' meeting and a presentation for your students to answer all questions in advance.

Before coming to the program, all participants need to fill in a detailed application form so that our instructors receive all relevant information on time.

We can take care of the bus transport within Croatia to our education center. All equipment rental for the participants is included in the course organization without additional costs.


4. Course Location

We implement our courses in the Outward Bound education center in Veliki Žitnik, a small village in the rural area of Lika.

Our center offers hostel-type accommodation, female and male dormitories, separated sanitary facilities, rooms for accompanying staff, a kitchen, and a common area for activities and meals.

Since the expedition is the crucial activity of the program, our participants spend at least one night outdoors in tents or bivouacs.

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5. Safety

The safety of our participants and staff is our top priority in course implementation. It is also the responsibility of our Safety Board to regularly update our standard operative procedures and ensure that all field staff is following them.

During the implementation of a course, the instructors who are accompanying a group are responsible for their safety. They are supported by logistical staff that takes care of and water and food supply in the camps.

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