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We work in partnership with international schools around Europe providing outdoor education courses aimed at encouraging students to discover their potential and to create a better world through challenging experiences in unfamiliar situations.


Courses are based on methods of experiential learning in nature, in which students step out of their daily comfort zones and face new, unfamiliar situations in a natural environment.

At the same time students are guided towards creating a positive attitude towards challenging and unpredictable situations gaining more confidence, better communication skills, increased resilience and determination.

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Aims of our standard courses

  • Increased awareness of own skills and abilities
  • Improved confidence and self belief in own abilities
  • Improved ability to listen and communicate effectively with others
  • Improved awareness and concern for the natural environment
  • Increased resilience and determination

Aims of our specific courses

  • Leadership
    • Increased understanding of leadership
    • Increased leadership skills
  • Teamwork
    • Increased understanding of the features of effective teams
    • Improved ability to plan, problem solve and rewiew progress as part of a team

Completion of either course will give students an experience that can positively shift the connection they have with themselves, others and the wider world. Not only will they gain new knowledge and skills, they will also connect with other students and expand their inner boundaries in a unique environment.

Why Outward Bound?

Why Outward Bound?

Outside the comfort zone
Outside the comfort zone
Outdoor classroom
Outdoor classroom
Why go abroad for a school trip?
Why go abroad for a school trip?
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kontakt seminar za predstavnike skola 2018

16.05.2018. - 20.05.2018.

"Adventure in Croatia"

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Hiking in nature

Navigation with a compass and map

Rock climbing and descending

Bivouac – overnight stay in nature

Polygon with high and low ropes



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  • "The approach had tremendous results with the group. The raised awareness of the consequences of their behaviour will serve them in the near future as it provided them with the intrinsic motivation to be the best version of themselves, which they displayed on this program. " See the full testimonial

    Marija Mažić, mag.paed.soc., educator

  • "I believe that this form of education should be present in all high schools and education institutions, because it offers young people an extraordinary experience, develops self-esteem, encourages teamwork and tolerance without any preconditions and expectations other that their own motivation. " See the full testimonial

    Margareta Gašljević, prof.

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