Izvještaj s OBI konferencije 2016.

Report from OB international 2016 world conference

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This year, Outward Bound International World Conference was held from 31.10. – 04.11.2016. in North Carolina, Kanuga, Conference Center, http:/www.ncobs.org/obiwc-2016. Outward Bound Croatia had two representatives – Lovorka Šimunec, president of the organization and Vladimir Mesarić, president of Security Committee.

The Conference was attended by more than 100 participants from 34 OB schools around the world. Theme was „Building Today for a Stronger Tomorrow“. With joint strenght and experiences participants was working on shering best practices within OB network, exploring innovative approaches to communication, safety programs, quality, marketing and sales, and  that way contributing to the strategic planning of OB International global system. Also, new communication portal „Slide Share“ was presented.

President of Outward Bound Croatia – Lovorka Šimunec, and head of the corporate programs and fundraising, OB Trust UK –  Christina Fitzpatrick held a presentation about successful cooperation between schools, which had a very positive response in the overall system.

The highlight of the Conference was officially receiving Full Licence our school and Outward Bound school from Germany.,

Izvještaj s OBI konferencije
Izvještaj s OBI konferencije
Izvještaj s OBI konferencije

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