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Outward Bound camp – a typical day

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After waking up in the Outward Bound Camp with the rising sun and birds humming their, and soon yours, favourite songs, it is the time to wake your body all the way. Your cheerful instructors will lead you through a series of workouts and stretches to prepare you for the challenges of day and to minimize the risks of injury.

Now that you are all woken and warmed up – it’s time to fuel yourself with the energy needed for the adventure ahead! Communal preparation of breakfast gives everybody enhanced sense of community which will be helpful during the day’s adventure, tasks and choirs.

Before cleaning up the campsite, two leaders for the day are elected. They will have the responsibility of making decisions for the group. Also, some are appointed to take care of the food and some are responsible for the orientation. Everybody has a role that will contribute to the group success. Outward Bound instructors will follow the group, but only intervene if comes to any dangerous situation.

Fresh and full of energy, campers pack their camp for the road. As they leave the camp site, they make sure that everything is according to Outward Bound’s sustainable “leave no trace” policy and they leave the spot as they have found it.

Their backpacks may look heavy, but adventurous minds don’t mind it, knowing their carrying only the necessities needed for the safe completion of this adventurous camping.

Outward Bound Croatia camps are held in mountainous and woodland regions of Croatia so most part of the typical day consists of hiking through beautiful and wondrous nature. During those hikes, Outward Bound instructors will give adventurers certain tasks to solve and reach. Challenging adventurers with right kind of tasks, Outward Bound instructors will increase their self-confidence, resilience and understanding of the natural environment.

After the campsite of the day is reached, backpacks can be unloaded, wood is collected for the bonfire and the tents are being set up. The appointed cooks will prepare the dinner and everybody will gather around the fire.

Outward Bound crew, which was following and watching over the adventurers, will now approach them and lead the evening circle. The leaders will report the outcomes of the day and adventurers then have a chance to express their own experience from the day, communicate it with others and set new goals for tomorrow. Since our instructors are experienced and skilled educators, they will facilitate the adventurers to understand the experienced and to learn as much from it.

Having face different challenges and leaving your comfort zone gives you the chance to know your true self and the things you are capable of. Effects of this adventurous expedition will improve your everyday life and follow you for the rest of your life.


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