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When you go outdoors with us, you’ll experience an adventure through various activities in nature. Climbing, kayaking or scuba diving are interesting and inspiring activities in nature that will improve quality of your everyday life and move you towards new endeavours!



Hiking is a basic activity of staying outdoors and moving around in the mountains. It is not just about physical activity – that is, walking and climbing mountain tops – it is about living in harmony and peace with the nature itself. By hiking we are developing a wide variety of new capabilities and traits, like resourcefulness, endurance, nimbleness, persistence, courage, trust, care for each other and our surroundings. We learn to better understand the world around us, making us better and stronger persons.

To safely spend time in mountains, it is necessary to respect certain rules and to handle specific skills to help us get around. Orienteering using a compass and a map enables us to move in the right direction, find mountain trails and conquer peaks. Mastering the skill of using a compass and a map is very important, as is getting acquainted with the terms such as azimuth, markings, contour lines (isoheight or isohypse lines), etc. Mountain hiking is truly a physically demanding activities, but as soon as you set foot on the very top of the mountain, you realize that it was all worth it.

When we have learn to keep us on the right track, the adventure can begin… Now’s the time for survival skills. How to make a bivouac, make a fire and cook a meal on it…and gather around the fireplace under the starry sky. And all that with support from your newly gained friends!

Sport climbing

Sportsko penjanjeSport rock climbing is a very interesting outdoors activity that will expand the boundaries of your own capabilities. Using only the strength of your arms and legs to reach the top of a cliff is an extraordinary experience. You will learn how to use rock climbing equipment, such as ropes, belt and climbing shoes, to climb one or more climbing routes. The rocks we climb are well maintained and secured by climbing teams and Croatian mountain rescue teams, guaranteeing high safety standards during the climb.


KajakarenjeOnce we climb down from the mountains, we are jumping right into kayaks and beginning to explore the coast side. Kayaking is a very entertaining activity, enabling us to more dependent on our own strength. Rowing in kayaks can takes us closer to many hidden and otherwise inaccessible beauties of the coast and sea. Before the expedition beginning, your instructors will make sure that you have mastered the skills of rowing, being stable in the kayak, and that you know all the safety procedures if it comes to flipping the kayak and needing rescuing from the water.

Scuba Diving

RonjenjeIf your curiosity transcends exploring the mere coast, you will be able to dive beneath the very surface of the sea and experience the magical underwater world. We will teach you how to handle scuba equipment so you can dive up to 5-10 metres. On those depths you can meet various sea animals and plants (sea urchins, octopuses, seahorses, sea shells and others). This is what is called “scuba discovery” and it enables everyone to dive in with real scuba equipment (oxygen bottle and regulator, buoyancy compensator) alongside with a professional diving instructor. If you get really into this, you can enroll into a diving course and become a professional licensed diver.

Outward Bound outdoor activities are all happening on the beautiful and wonderful location of Croatian mountains and seaside.

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