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Opening of the Educational center in Veliki Žitnik

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On Saturday, 16th of July 2016 Outward Bound Croatia opened its Educational center in Veliki Žitnik, with a purpose to work with children on their character development and to discover their possibilities using the method of learning through experience. That is one of the main reasons why is our Educational center the right place for youth to overcome their inner boundaries.

Outward Bound Croatia has received the old building of the elementary school in Veliki Žitnik from the town of Gospić for use over a period of 30 – years. This project would have remained a dead letter without generous donations which we raised for the reconstruction of the old and neglected building. In 2014 the reconstruction of the elementary school has begun, thanks to the donors Rotary Club Zagreb, Rotary Club Zagreb Gradec and Zagrebgradnja Ltd (whose donations are amounted to over 2.6 million kunas). In the renovation were included the re – decoration of the attic space to the dormitories (so ours students could stay more than one day in Lika), new roofing, new windows, insulated facade of the building and equipping the interior of the building (kitchen, desks and chairs, blackboard). In present time, our Educational Center has 30 beds for students and space for the instructors.

The opening ceremony of the Educational Centre was attended by about 150 guests, among whom were donors, local government representatives, students, parents, principals and teachers, residents of Veliki Žitnik , our members and volunteers. The moderator of the opening ceremony was Mr. Damir Begović (president of the Board of Trustees). Mr. Stanimir Vuk – Pavlović was the first one who addressed to the guests. When he finished his speech, Mrs Lovorka Šimunec (executive director of OBC) welcomed the guests. After them, the guests were addressed in this order: Mrs Katarina Milković (assistant principal of the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports in the City of Zagreb), Mrs Marta Grgurić (Mayor’s Deputy in the City of Gospić), Mr. Milan Kolić ( Mayor in Lika – Senj County) and the donors doc.dr.sc. Hrvoje Hećimović (executive director of the Rotary Club) and Mr. Branko Vojnović (co – owner of the Zagrebgradnja Ltd).

Our vision of this project is that the Educational Center becomes a base where our children will get a chance for a fresh start in the world, bolder, braver, more independent and happier. The Educational Center will be opened most of the year, employ local people and our courses will include more then 1000 students from around the world each year, who will get the possibility to see the beauties in Lika. In addition to educating children and youth, we hope that our project will contribute to faster development of Lika.

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