Dojmovi s druge donatorske večere

Impressions of the Second Donor dinner

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Outward Bound Croatia has successfully organized and carried out into the work its second Donor dinner, on the Tuesday, December 6 in the beautiful ambience of the Croatian School Museum.

The Donor dinner has been a humanitarian, with the aim to raise funds for the wards of the “Dom za odgoj djece i mladeži Zagreb” in order to enable them to participate in the Outward Bound program which use the method of the experiential learning in nature and also, to give them an unforgettable experience that will be useful in creating a successful future.

We are happy that the headmaster Mr. Vrkljan, educators Marija and Tomislav and a protégé from the “Doma za odgoj djece i mladeži Zagreb”, Goran, were the guests at the dinner. Goran, a participant at the program, told the audience about his experience and the positive qualities and habits he has acquired by the participating at the Outward Bound program. Apart from the Goran’s story, we have showed to the guests a short video – presentation about the mission and activities of the Outward Bound Croatia, which would be presented to the primary and the secondary schools in the next year as a call for participation. In her speech, Lovorka Šimunec – executive director, emphasized the results of the latest research which have showed that the Croatian school system is stagnating for years and in the comparison with the other countries, we are on the bottom of the list. Because of the that fact,it is more important than ever to introduce Outward Bound programs in the regular school system as an integral part of the system which has the function of not only education, but also bringing up of a young people.

After the part of a dinner dedicated to Outward Bound Croatia, it was come the turn to put in the first plan our dear donors, without whom many memorable moments have not been become a reality, handing them letters of thanks for their exceptional contribution to the work of our organization in the 2016. On this occasion, once again we thank them.

Satisfied with the results, we continued an informal gathering with the purpose of a better acquainting and gaining a new acquaintance. It was an enjoyable evening in a special ambiance for a special guests and with a noble objective.

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