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Experience as a volunteer on circus street festival Cu'fus in Croatia

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Motto “Svi pod mus na Cu’fus”(everybody must go on festival Cu’fus) was predicting a new challenge for me – I cut out a stencil with motto and hand printed it on a t-shirt, not knowing what an fourteen days adventure is in front of me. I just knew that the biggest and with that the hardest challenge will be how to abstain 5 minutes without laughing. Real mission impossible, believe me.

Nice and peaceful Croatian city Samobor will transform, with the help of 10 motivated volunteers from Serbia, Slovenia, France, for a couple of days in real circus- artistic paradise full of adventures, challenges, smiles, where nobody will stay barefooted.


City through which a meandering river goes, that always fascinates, parks, that fill you up with positive energy, near Old Castle and Vidikovac are offering you nice trail running paths with unforgettable panoramic sunsets above the city.

I am happy, that I am here and i am doing what i love and makes me happy; I am pleasing, encouraging, impressing other people with things that I like to do and talents that I am developing…sun sank behind the hills, it’s time to hurry up back to the Hostel, my new home for next 14 days.

After a quick meeting with Matija, head of the festival and other volunteers, I knew that despite cultural and social differences, different abilities and skills we will work as a responsible and reasonable team, that will invent a good work plan, fulfill tasks, facing all the problems during week and successfully carried out the plan of the circus festival.


Nevertheless, we were all strangers at the beginning, every individual complemented me in a unique way and thereby contributed that we improved ourselves, our potential and self- esteem.

I met a lot of different cultures, which would not be possible to get to know in such a short time.

Not only, that we shared our living place together, shampoo, food, clothes, but also our whole life story and small routines which formulate us in persons that we are today.

Despite cultural differences I always found a common point, that was connecting us all and opened our hearts and thinking, to share, understand, see and love our world differently. We were all learning about the differences between us, which are different from the problems and that we can grow, share and have fun together with people coming from different cultures. We learned about things that are important for our development and we started to be more aware of ourselfes, how unique and different is each of us.

Soo, what was my mission in Samobor?

Photographing, recording, drawing, making stencils, creating pleasing atmosphere in town for the artists, place where new ideas spread , functioning in the community, solving practical problems, learning new arts and skills, gaining experience, better understanding of yourself and after all to travel abroad. Being part of this experience with passions that excite me is a great pleasure.

Our main task was to help local community and organizers of festival collecting shoes, paint, decorate city and ambient in park and thereby contribute to create interesting three day festival. We get to know a lot of people from local area and we were learning about new cultures. With this I also began to appreciate our culture more – city where i live, our food, music, slang, environment that surrounds me and people that support me on my path.





Every day after the work and completed tasks we had free time for activities that contained from art, music and learning about the city culture what I appreciated a lot. For curious souls we devoted hike to Okič(castle), trip to Zagreb on theatre show, visiting Medica (simmilar as our Metelkova in Ljubljana), concerts, running, yoga, learning new languages and how to be responsible and expand positive energy, enjoying the sounds of guitar in the park until night falls were just small part of the activities.

Not bad for 14 days?

Every individual that I met has contributed to the fact that this was the best experience of volunteering for me until now.

I felt very useful that i could participate in the implementation of festival for the people in Samobor that were very satisfied with our volunteer work during festival.

During staying in Samobor I become a new person with the contribution of people that surrounded me every day with their positive energy, that brought a lot of love and happiness in my life that I even took with me back home.

Cu’fus gave me a wonderful life experience which I will remember with happiness (gladly).

I want to say thank you to all the participants and volunteers that joined me from all around Europe that we were together as a family  and experienced together this wonderful experience.

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