Outward Bound Croatia has several years of experience in implementing projects in the field of youth and volunteering within the Key Action 1 (KA1); taking part in these activities offers youth the opportunity to develop their competences, gain knowledge about other cultures and become active members of their communities.

The projects and activities that can be funded under Erasmus+ are summarised in three key actions: Mobility of individuals (KA1), Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices (KA2) and Support for Policy Reform (KA3).

OBC has years' experience in key action 1, providing opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

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Upcoming projects

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  • "I'm happy because of projects 'Colors of Europe' and 'Move your EU world', 2 of the French participants are now willing to create their own project. I feel the power of the Erasmus+ programme by looking at these girls who dropped school and had no idea what to do with their lives a few months ago."

    Mathilda Olive - Centre of Youth and Sport of Corsica CSJC, France

  • "I learned to make compromises with different personalities, that every person on earth is beautiful and that we shouldn't judge anyone."

    Participant of the the youth exchange

  • "We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for organising 8-day youth course "GET EMPLOYED". Two users of our instituion, i.e. the Centre for the provision of services in the community Lipik, had participated in this course. The initial fear that they had, considering that English was the language of communication among participants, quickly passed and our users took only good memories and new life skills from Samobor. They sad they were really happy with their stay in Samobor because they learned a lot, had fun, made new friends and, most importantly, gained new experience. Since they live in an institution they were not familiar with a lot of things, such as ways of spending free time, dealing with money, exploring the city and orientation, teamwork and establishing communication with people they just met. They shared thier experience with other users of our institution and encouraged them to apply for participation in these types of programs."

    Goran Nikles, principle of the Centre for the provision of services in the community Lipik

  • "I learned many useful things about myself, how to work in a team, to accept others with their difference. Also, I learned about the life and problems of other countries."

    Participant of the the youth exchange

  • "I learned about tolerance, respect towards different opinions and to be more open minded."

    Participant of the the youth exchange

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