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I believe that a lot more of young people should be included in the program during the compulsory school program and during weekends. At the time that lies ahead, the skills that youth gain through this program, will be a key factor for the understanding of life in reality, here and now.
Božena Štokan, parent of the participant of the course
... My child was very pleased with the program (with its diversity as well as with possibilities of staying in nature which he was not able to experinece so far) but also with the instructors who responsible for the execution of the course. In particular, he pointed out the good preparation, the ability to communicate with young people and the possibility of transferring useful knowledge to young people by your instructors ...
Anđelina Jurčić, parent of the participant of the course
Outward Bound is really something unforgettable. The things you learn, the people you meet and the skills you acquire are hard to forget. OB is awesome!
Grga Cipek, 16-year-old student, Zagreb
I believe my social skills have significantly improved. I made new valuable friendships that still continue. By doing physical activity I gained muscle weight. I gained new skills - reading topographic maps and compass, which I could immediately try out on the field.
She did not mind the fact that during the course sleeping conditions, hygiene and nutrition were not the same as the ones she is used to, she accepted those conditions as a part of a course's task and did not perceive that as a problem. All in all, Lorena was very pleased and it is our impression that the program was of great benefit, primarily to her general satisfaction.
Zoran and Višnja Loja, parents of the participant
...The results exceeded my expectations. I'm positive that this type of experience would be useful to anyone working as a pedagogical worker for the purpose of professional development as well as personal growth regardless of their affinity when it comes to the way of spending leisure time...
Margareta Gašljević, Professor

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