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I believe that a lot more of young people should be included in the program during the compulsory school program and during weekends. At the time that lies ahead, the skills that youth gain through this program, will be a key factor for the understanding of life in reality, here and now.
Božena Štokan, parent of the participant of the course
I would recommend this course to everyone, because it's such an aberration from everyday life that you have to get out of this experience as a changed person if you embrace all the challenges given. I would definitely describe myself now, after the training, as more in tuned with myself and who I actually am.
The participant of the 8-day program
... Thanks to this course he has developed some new skills, he became very confident when in nature. During the last years we haven't seen he has so much patience when achieving his goals ...
Aleksandra Berberih Slana and Robert Berberih, parents of the participant
...The results exceeded my expectations. I'm positive that this type of experience would be useful to anyone working as a pedagogical worker for the purpose of professional development as well as personal growth regardless of their affinity when it comes to the way of spending leisure time...
Margareta Gašljević, Professor
I liked to observe how our students are changing while being in new situations, how they help and support each other. I would like to see this approach implemented in regular school curriculum.
Professor, Architectural Technical School Zagreb
A mind broadened with experience can never be forced into its old frames anymore.
Lucija Mlakar, 3.b

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