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“Dive into yourself” training course – expedition from the Mountains to the Sea

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International training course “Dive into Yourself” was successfully completed last Sunday! Coming all over from Finland, Croatia, Palestine, Czech Republic, Egypt , Germany and Ireland, our participants had an unforgettable journey from mid-Velebit Mountain, through the high rocky ridges all the way to the sea level and beneath.

From the 24th to 31st August, the group of motivated people gathered to spend 8 days together in the Croatian wilderness, coming face to face with the challenges of living together in the basic conditions, coping with the weather, managing their limited resources, leading the group and becoming stronger leaders themselves.

The mountain set the stage for self-discovery, which the group embraced with high spirit and great motivation. At first, they mastered the skills of orienteering, knot-making, rock climbing and bivouacking which they later put to use in the 3-day expedition. They traversed the rocky ridges, ascended the highest peak in the area, and finally descended to the Adriatic cost to enjoy the remnants of summer.

But their journey continued on, in the Adriatic, they had a chance to get underwater and try out Scuba diving, exploring the seabed underneath, to face the silence of the water and to challenge themselves once more. The course provided the rare learning opportunity which many of us never dare to take. To live with the nature, without the luxuries of modern life, provides a new perspective and strength for the challenges of everyday life, a strength that can never be taken away. For our next ‘Dive into Yourself’ course, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Salto Youth Portal.


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