Individuals - Dive into yourself

This program is aimed at encouraging people to discover their potential and to create a better world through challenging experiences in unfamiliar situations.


This program is based on methods of experiential learning in nature, in which you will step out of your daily comfort zones and face new, unfamiliar situations in a natural environment.

Learn about yourself and the world around you, dive into your own personal values and weaknesses and be immersed in experiential learning through exciting adventures in nature.

Whether you are discovering the underwater beauty during a dive, hiking through the Velebit Nature Park, or sleeping under the stars, licensed instructors are there to provide safety at all times.


  • Character development

    Detection and understanding of personal qualities and abilities

  • Improving communication skills

    Teamwork and learning how to listen and transfer own ideas

  • Leadership development

    Learning to take initiative

  • Organisational skills

    Coping with unpredictable situations

  • Raising awareness of social and environmental responsibility

    Responsibility towards people, society and nature

  • Boosting creativity

    and innovation

  • Respecting oneself

    and others


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For all individuals aged 18 and over who are willing to learn something new about themselves. If you are preparing for university or your first job or thinking about starting your own business, these programs are aimed at getting the best out of you.
You will meet new people, face new situations and learn how to solve problems.


Hiking in nature

Navigation with a compass and map

Rock climbing and descending

Bivouac – overnight stay in nature

Polygon with high and low ropes

  • “The main lessons I will take home from this course is that every person is unique and every moment is precious and irrepeatable. Keep close to nature, it brings out the ‘real person’ in you. Cherish the NOW. It really exceeded my expectations. I didn’t imagine I would be this happy and refreshed!”

    Participant, Dive into yourself course

  • “At first the learning experience felt kind of hard. Sometimes I felt unsure about certain things, but now that I think about it, it was the best way to learn. It gave us just the right amount of challenge and made it possible to learn as much as we can.”

    Participant of the 8-day course

  • “I really liked the methods being used, because the responsibility to get experiences was in our own hands. The feeling of success wouldn´t be so good if it wasn´t achieved by myself.”

    Participant of 8-day course

  • “I would definitely recommend this course because it fosters personal development of an individual, allows him to become aware of his limits, advantages and disadvantages, and through practical tasks to become aware of the situations when it’s better to be led than to be a leader.”

    Participant of 8-day course, 16 years old, Zabok

  • “It is a unique, special, fun and a challenging experience you need to try.”

    American Internationa school student


3rd – 10th of August 2019.

Dive Into Yourself- 8 day personal challenge outdoor course

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