Co-financed courses

Numerous institutions recognized the value of Outward Bound courses as an addition to formal education. Thanks to their support we can provide co-financed courses to Croatian children and youth every year.


Co-financed Outward Bound courses are carried out as part of different projects. Depending on the topic of the project we focus on a particular learning outcome, such as prevention of aggressive behaviour, promotion of tolerance, development of creativity etc.

Our work has been recognized and supported by following institutions: Ministry of science and education, Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, City of Zagreb, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ličko-senjska County, UNDP, Regional Foundation for Local Development “Zamah”.


  • Character development

    Detection and understanding of personal qualities and abilities

  • Improving communication skills

    Teamwork and learning how to listen and transfer own ideas

  • Leadership development

    Learning to take initiative

  • Organisational skills

    Coping with unpredictable situations

  • Boosting creativity

    and innovation

  • Respecting oneself

    and others

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Target groups of participants for co-financed courses largely depend on the specific objectives of a particular project. Sometimes these are young people with fewer opportunities, youth without parents or proper parental care, young people from 13 to 18 or the age of 15 do 29.

  • “Outward Bound is really something unforgettable. The things you learn, the people you meet and the skills you acquire are hard to forget. OB is awesome!”

    Grga Cipek, 16-year-old student, Zagreb

  • “These programs so far have proved to be extremely useful for our children and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Outward Bound Croatia.”

    Elvis Vickić, Head of Education at the Odgojni dom Mali Lošinj

  • "Fran, my son, already participated in three different courses. During those 7 days he charges his batteries with positive energy, becomes more silent , better concetrated and gets empowered to focus on his self-development. Each course he participated in represents a different experience that he carries with him."

    Beata Bukša, participant mother

  • "We are hoping to continue our cooperation through future projects, given the postive outcomes and enthusiasm your courses bring to our proteges."

    Miljenko Grabar, principa of foster home "Maestral" Split

  • "I would recommend this course since it's a school in outdoor that connects people."

    Participant of the course


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