odgovori na 7 pitanja prije prvog OBC programa

7 questions you ask yourself before your child’s first Outward Bound course – answered

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Enrolling your child for the first time in an Outward Bound outdoor education course can leave you with a lot of questions. Parents who have no previous experience with outdoor education or are themselves not very comfortable in the outdoors naturally have numerous doubts about what expects their child on the course. In this post we’re going to give you the answers to the 7 …

DIGITAL DETOX: A NEW CHALLENGE? Another beneficial tool of Outward Bound Croatia

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Many publications describe the beneficial impact of Outward Bound courses for participants. These publications describe improvements mainly in Character: displaying increased self-awareness and self-confidence while demonstrating understanding and compassion toward others, leadership and service. Leadership: demonstrating the ability to set goals, inspire and guide others to achieve them. Furthermore, exhibiting the ability to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and resolve conflicts effectively. Service: demonstrating social and …

Škola u prirodi

Outdoor school of life

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Outward Bound Croatia is a non-profit, non-government organization whose main activity is experiential learning in natural environment, i.e. outdoors. It is what you may call an outdoor school of life. With a different approach from the one in the classroom – school in nature gives its pupils or participants the possibility to expand their horizons and to develop to their full potential. The participants are …

Activities in nature

Outdoor activities

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When you go outdoors with us, you’ll experience an adventure through various activities in nature. Climbing, kayaking or scuba diving are interesting and inspiring activities in nature that will improve quality of your everyday life and move you towards new endeavours! Hiking Hiking is a basic activity of staying outdoors and moving around in the mountains. It is not just about physical activity – that …