Kako poticati motivaciju učenika u nastavi?

How to motivate students in the classroom?

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One of the biggest challenges almost every teacher faces on an everyday basis is how to motivate students to participate actively in the classroom and learn. From your own experience, you surely are aware that not only is it easier for you as a teacher to work with motivated students but that motivated students are much more successful in their undertakings in school and outside …

Poučavanje generacije Z

TEACHING GENERATION Z: 5 characteristics of this generation to keep in mind when stepping into the classroom

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In this post, we are going to discuss what’s important to be aware of about students who belong to Generation Z and how you can adapt your teaching methods to their needs and learning styles to reach better learning outcomes. Since our first course in 2005, a generational shift has happened, and we have understood that we need to adapt our courses and methodology of …

Izvještaj s OBI konferencije 2016.

Report from OB international 2016 world conference

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This year, Outward Bound International World Conference was held from 31.10. – 04.11.2016. in North Carolina, Kanuga, Conference Center, http:/www.ncobs.org/obiwc-2016. Outward Bound Croatia had two representatives – Lovorka Šimunec, president of the organization and Vladimir Mesarić, president of Security Committee. The Conference was attended by more than 100 participants from 34 OB schools around the world. Theme was „Building Today for a Stronger Tomorrow“. With …


WPML sponsorship

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We just want to say thank you to WPML.org, for granting us a free lifetime account as a non-profit organization that has social activity to the benefit of the public. WPML makes our website multilingual. Thank you WPML!

Alessandra EVS img 1

Why the EVS in OB changed my life

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This january I went to visit some of the beautiful islands in Croatia and I made my thoughts rippling across the waves of the wondeful sea. I was born and I grew up near the sea, I cannot resist its charme. Our friend Alenka asked me “What is the event or thing that changed your life?”. I didn’t hesitate and I said “coming in Croatia …

Ten years OBC

10 years of success

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The 10th of December 2015 Outward Bound Croatia celebrated its 10 years of success! In 2005 our ship decided to leave the safe harbor, to go outward bound. Because “a ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” And that’s what we did, we left the safe and comfort land with an equipment of good motivation and energy, ready to discover …

Mission expedition 1

Mission – expedition

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It all began on a sunny winter day. Two OB agents, B&B, set off for the airport to catch the plane that will transfer them to Great Britain. Trip was a bit complicated, but I’ll leave those details for another story. They were sent on a mission by an organization and their goal was to learn about new work methods and establish contacts with the …

Dive into yourself

“Dive into yourself” training course – expedition from the Mountains to the Sea

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International training course “Dive into Yourself” was successfully completed last Sunday! Coming all over from Finland, Croatia, Palestine, Czech Republic, Egypt , Germany and Ireland, our participants had an unforgettable journey from mid-Velebit Mountain, through the high rocky ridges all the way to the sea level and beneath. From the 24th to 31st August, the group of motivated people gathered to spend 8 days together …

Education rehabilitation

Outward Bound Croatia and Faculty of education and rehabilitation sciences of the University of Zagreb

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In 2014. we have continued our professional cooperation with the students and professors of the Experiential pedagogy collegium of the Faculty of education and rehabilitation sciences of the University of Zagreb. In June this year we contributed to their education with a presentation, lesson and some practical examples of the experiential education Outward Bound methods and tools we use on our programs. We are developing …