Experiences of our EVS volunteer from his 9 month stay in Macedonia

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EVS: Looking Outward and Inward Even though the common view of an EVS experience is that of travelling, interacting with different cultures, and immersing yourself in a new way of life, it is even more than that. For me especially: Macedonian culture is not too far away from Croatian culture, which is why exploring and adapting to it has been a breeze. What this EVS …

EVS experiences from Latvia

EVS experiences from Latvia!

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3 volunteers, 2 months, 1 project. Ana, Marina and Lucija spent 2 months volunteering in an organization “Radi Vidi Pats” on an EVS project „No bikes, no party“ funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. As their sending organization, we´re sharing their experience, read and get motivated! Ana´s story:   I got a chance to go on an EVS in Liepaja, Latvia. I …

Izvještaj Ivana EVS Armenija OBC

Report of our volunteer Ivana from her longterm EVS in Armenia

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Christmas and New Years Eve came so suddenly. While trying to get more acquinted with Armenia and its culture and being busy with the classes on the University, i didnt even realised that already 4 months passed and the season of celebrations was knocking on the door. The shiny and colorful decorations were springing up around the city and hordes of people were attacking the …

„You feel fulfilled, proud and satisfied with yourself. That is important.“

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– Impression of participant on Outward Bound program – „Summer Adventure in Lika“ June in Outward Bound Croatia is reserved for “Summer Adventures” which are an excellent option for children to spend part of the summer holidays in a quality setting and learn more about their abilities, personal responsibility and teamwork and gain new friendships and beautiful memories. During the program, we work especially to …

osvrt obc polaznice

„Maybe you are not aware of it, but to most of us – you changed our lives, of course, each in a different way“

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Impressions of a participant of “Summer school Nikola Tesla OBC program” This summer along with our classical Outward Bound courses, we organize 2 “Summer school Nikola Tesla OBC programs” supported by the Rotary club Zagreb. 10- day educational program together with OB expedition, includes visit to birth house of Ante Starčevića and visit to memorial centre of Nikola Tesla as well as lecture by the …

Experiences of volunteer Ivana from long-term EVS project “Volunteer for a carrer” in Armenia

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„Why Armenia?“ is the question I hear at least once a week. I usually say that it’s not me who chose Armenia but Armenia chose me. Searching the adventure and wishing to experience a culture which is different than mine, i applied for a project on Brusov university of language and social studies for 12 months. A few months before coming here I heard so …

EVS kamp Build up - iskustva polaznika

EVS camp "Build Up" – experience

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In the beginning is not so easy to find your place at home when you’re back from EVS project. You feel confused, empty although You are happy to see your friends and family.You are missing the activities, new friends, the house, the village… even the instant coffe. Lets make it clear: my project was a short term EVS in the small croatian village Veliki Zhitnik.Two …

Sabina Uni EVS Armenija

The last part of Sabina's "Uni EVS" in Armenia

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Vardavar or Vartavar festival came as a joyful refreshment for one hot Armenian summer day.  Although they warned me about that day, I realized the importance of the holiday just when a bucket of cold water splashed me on the house entrance. It’s an Armenian festival where people of social groups drench each other with water and it is celebrated 98 days (14 weeks) after …


Sabina and her „Uni EVS“ in Armenia

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As winter was going away, we started to spend more time outdoors, visiting the city  and travelling, although it doesn’t mean that we did more exercise. Through the whole winter we were practicing volleyball in the sports hall of the dorm. I never thought I would spend so many hours in playing this game. All the players eventually were getting better and better. I changed …