Poučavanje generacije Z

TEACHING GENERATION Z: 5 characteristics of this generation to keep in mind when stepping into the classroom

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In this post, we are going to discuss what’s important to be aware of about students who belong to Generation Z and how you can adapt your teaching methods to their needs and learning styles to reach better learning outcomes. Since our first course in 2005, a generational shift has happened, and we have understood that we need to adapt our courses and methodology of …

7 reasons your child should attend OBC

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They will identify strengths in themselves that they never realised they had Everyone has untapped potential, the only problem is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes it’s difficult to identify part of our personality that could really benefit us or others around us.  Strengths such as determination, teamwork and responsibility may sit inside us for days, weeks or years until we have and …

EVS Belfast

EVS in Belfast

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Be the change you want to see in the world… It is a statement from one of the biggest minds and peace workers Mahatma Ghandi but as well a motto I am trying to implement in my everyday life. It is as well the name of a project I am currently participating in and which makes me extremely happy. My EVS adventure started 4/09/2015 when …

Oprema za boravak u prirodi

Outdoor Equipment

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Outward Bound Croatia uses all kinds of sport and adventurous activities in nature to bring its participants into situations unfamiliar to them. It does that to take them out of their comfort zone. So, on our programmes one can experience adventurous activities like kayaking, free rock-climbing, scuba diving and hiking. Of course, all of these activities requires more or less specific equipment. In the following …

Natural navigation

Natural navigation

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Everyone one of us have once find her/himself in a new town or in a unknown part of the known city. Asking for direction, of course, is always an option. But if you are a bit shy and your cell phone battery is on the low end or maybe there isn’t anyone to ask in the vicinity, finding your way by a map and with …

Experiential learning

Experiential learning

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Experiential learning is a theory most recently claimed by philosopher David Kolb in the late 1970’s. His research and ideas suggest that meaningful knowledge comes through a series of experiences. He says that our individual and personal experiences, work to teach us about different subjects. If an experience is interactive, emotional, challenging and thought-provoking it will stimulate further learning for the individual involved in the …