Dive into yourself!

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8 days, 76 kilometers, 1 cave discovered, 2 rocks conquered by rockclimbing, 7 new friendships and 1 emotional breakdown. Matea (25), participant of Outward Bound Summer course “Dive into yourself!” What kind of people apply for something like this? What are their expectations and goals? What kind of influence can this experience have on them? One week after the best adventure of my life has …

Oprema za boravak u prirodi

Outdoor Equipment

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Outward Bound Croatia uses all kinds of sport and adventurous activities in nature to bring its participants into situations unfamiliar to them. It does that to take them out of their comfort zone. So, on our programmes one can experience adventurous activities like kayaking, free rock-climbing, scuba diving and hiking. Of course, all of these activities requires more or less specific equipment. In the following …

Sportsko penjanje

Sport climbing

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Vertical experiential learning Among various outdoor activities used by the Outward Bound Croatia to pass on new skills and knowledge, and to raise self-awareness of one’s own capabilities – is sport climbing. Sport climbing differs from classic climbing in a way that it is not using classical mountaineering climbing equipment, but only the one to prevent possible falls. Likewise, in sport climbing the supports are …

Ronjenje s Outward Bound Hrvatska

Scuba diving

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Scuba diving has become popular for masses during 1950s, gained on popularity in 1960s and ’70s and the biggest rise happened in 1980s. A lot of things have changed since the very beginnings and with the modern equipment and techniques anybody can enjoy the excitement of scuba diving! As we always strive to take our participants to the environment unknown to their everyday surrounding, pulling …

Life with different eyes

Watching my life with different eyes

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Yesterday morning I woke up and I felt different. I woke up in a bed, I went in the kitchen and I made the coffee, I had a shower and I went to the office walking in the city, amongst cars, trams and a lot of people. These could seem normal activities but not for us after Dive into yourself, a 8-days personal development training …

Outward Bound Camp

Outward Bound camp – a typical day

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After waking up in the Outward Bound Camp with the rising sun and birds humming their, and soon yours, favourite songs, it is the time to wake your body all the way. Your cheerful instructors will lead you through a series of workouts and stretches to prepare you for the challenges of day and to minimize the risks of injury. Now that you are all …

Activities in nature

Outdoor activities

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When you go outdoors with us, you’ll experience an adventure through various activities in nature. Climbing, kayaking or scuba diving are interesting and inspiring activities in nature that will improve quality of your everyday life and move you towards new endeavours! Hiking Hiking is a basic activity of staying outdoors and moving around in the mountains. It is not just about physical activity – that …

Natural navigation

Natural navigation

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Everyone one of us have once find her/himself in a new town or in a unknown part of the known city. Asking for direction, of course, is always an option. But if you are a bit shy and your cell phone battery is on the low end or maybe there isn’t anyone to ask in the vicinity, finding your way by a map and with …

Training for trainers – July 2015 impressions

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Dive into Yourself, a Training for trainers program was held from 4th to 11th of July in the picturesque area of Velebit mountain – the largest mountain in Croatia – and waters of crystal clear Adriatic sea. The training will start in the heart of Velebit mountain – small village named Ravni Dabar – and ended in a Cesarice village at the coast side. So …

Experiential learning

Experiential learning

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Experiential learning is a theory most recently claimed by philosopher David Kolb in the late 1970’s. His research and ideas suggest that meaningful knowledge comes through a series of experiences. He says that our individual and personal experiences, work to teach us about different subjects. If an experience is interactive, emotional, challenging and thought-provoking it will stimulate further learning for the individual involved in the …