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Everyone one of us have once find her/himself in a new town or in a unknown part of the known city. Asking for direction, of course, is always an option. But if you are a bit shy and your cell phone battery is on the low end or maybe there isn’t anyone to ask in the vicinity, finding your way by a map and with …

Training for trainers – July 2015 impressions

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Dive into Yourself, a Training for trainers program was held from 4th to 11th of July in the picturesque area of Velebit mountain – the largest mountain in Croatia – and waters of crystal clear Adriatic sea. The training will start in the heart of Velebit mountain – small village named Ravni Dabar – and ended in a Cesarice village at the coast side. So …

Margareta Gašljević, prof.

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Volontirala sam u ovogodišnjem osmodnevnom Outward Bound programu koji se održao na Ćićariji 28. ožujka – 4. travnja 2015. Motivacija za sudjelovanjem bila je višestruka: povezivao se boravak u prirodi i rad s mladima, a isto nije isključivalo i mogućnost da sobom povedem i psa što mi je bilo od iznimne pomoći te olakšalo vlastito organiziranje. Zaintrigirala me prilika, za mene novog oblika iskustvenog učenja, …

Experiential learning

Experiential learning

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Experiential learning is a theory most recently claimed by philosopher David Kolb in the late 1970’s. His research and ideas suggest that meaningful knowledge comes through a series of experiences. He says that our individual and personal experiences, work to teach us about different subjects. If an experience is interactive, emotional, challenging and thought-provoking it will stimulate further learning for the individual involved in the …

Mission expedition 1

Mission – expedition

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It all began on a sunny winter day. Two OB agents, B&B, set off for the airport to catch the plane that will transfer them to Great Britain. Trip was a bit complicated, but I’ll leave those details for another story. They were sent on a mission by an organization and their goal was to learn about new work methods and establish contacts with the …

Rotary delegation visit

Visit of the delegation of Rotary District 1913

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Members of the delegation of Rotary District 1913 visited us in Veliki Zitnik on Friday, 12th September 2014: Mr John Kenny, President of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International for the period 2011-2015 and President of Rotary International for the period 2009-2010, with his wife Mrs June Kenny, Mrs Vlatka Cikac, Head of Board Youth Service of District 1913 and Mr Darko Separovic, Head of …

Dive into yourself

“Dive into yourself” training course – expedition from the Mountains to the Sea

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International training course “Dive into Yourself” was successfully completed last Sunday! Coming all over from Finland, Croatia, Palestine, Czech Republic, Egypt , Germany and Ireland, our participants had an unforgettable journey from mid-Velebit Mountain, through the high rocky ridges all the way to the sea level and beneath. From the 24th to 31st August, the group of motivated people gathered to spend 8 days together …

Education rehabilitation

Outward Bound Croatia and Faculty of education and rehabilitation sciences of the University of Zagreb

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In 2014. we have continued our professional cooperation with the students and professors of the Experiential pedagogy collegium of the Faculty of education and rehabilitation sciences of the University of Zagreb. In June this year we contributed to their education with a presentation, lesson and some practical examples of the experiential education Outward Bound methods and tools we use on our programs. We are developing …