Ten years OBC

10 years of success

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The 10th of December 2015 Outward Bound Croatia celebrated its 10 years of success! In 2005 our ship decided to leave the safe harbor, to go outward bound. Because “a ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” And that’s what we did, we left the safe and comfort land with an equipment of good motivation and energy, ready to discover …

Hear our voice gender equality

My experience with OBC – Ana Barišić

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There are things in life that you just have to try to know what is their true value. To take part during two months in two beautiful projects organized by great leaders and a even better persons, was truly an honour for me. At first I thought I was going just for fun, for getting to know different cultures and people from different parts of …



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Sail with us! Not all outdoor activities done by Outward Bound Croatia are done on a solid ground! Both sea and rivers are a part of nature that surrounds us and we often use them during our programs. To additionally motivate the personal development of our fellow participants, we are trying to “shake” them a bit in various ways. One of them includes taking them …

Sportsko penjanje

Sport climbing

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Vertical experiential learning Among various outdoor activities used by the Outward Bound Croatia to pass on new skills and knowledge, and to raise self-awareness of one’s own capabilities – is sport climbing. Sport climbing differs from classic climbing in a way that it is not using classical mountaineering climbing equipment, but only the one to prevent possible falls. Likewise, in sport climbing the supports are …

Sigurnost OBC programa na terenu

Safety first! – minimizing risks in outdoor education activities

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Since the foundation of Outward Bound Croatia, we have been aware of the fact that safety in the field is the priority and prerequisite of implementing any outdoor experiential learning course. To ensure the highest possible safety of participants, staff and accompanying persons on our courses, at the founding of our organization in 2005 we also first established our still active Safety Board. Since then …

Ronjenje s Outward Bound Hrvatska

Scuba diving

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Scuba diving has become popular for masses during 1950s, gained on popularity in 1960s and ’70s and the biggest rise happened in 1980s. A lot of things have changed since the very beginnings and with the modern equipment and techniques anybody can enjoy the excitement of scuba diving! As we always strive to take our participants to the environment unknown to their everyday surrounding, pulling …

Life with different eyes

Watching my life with different eyes

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Yesterday morning I woke up and I felt different. I woke up in a bed, I went in the kitchen and I made the coffee, I had a shower and I went to the office walking in the city, amongst cars, trams and a lot of people. These could seem normal activities but not for us after Dive into yourself, a 8-days personal development training …

Outward Bound Camp

Outward Bound camp – a typical day

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After waking up in the Outward Bound Camp with the rising sun and birds humming their, and soon yours, favourite songs, it is the time to wake your body all the way. Your cheerful instructors will lead you through a series of workouts and stretches to prepare you for the challenges of day and to minimize the risks of injury. Now that you are all …

Škola u prirodi

Outdoor school of life

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Outward Bound Croatia is a non-profit, non-government organization whose main activity is experiential learning in natural environment, i.e. outdoors. It is what you may call an outdoor school of life. With a different approach from the one in the classroom – school in nature gives its pupils or participants the possibility to expand their horizons and to develop to their full potential. The participants are …

Activities in nature

Outdoor activities

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When you go outdoors with us, you’ll experience an adventure through various activities in nature. Climbing, kayaking or scuba diving are interesting and inspiring activities in nature that will improve quality of your everyday life and move you towards new endeavours! Hiking Hiking is a basic activity of staying outdoors and moving around in the mountains. It is not just about physical activity – that …