Sabina Armenia

Experiences from Armenia of our EVS volunteer Sabina

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I was awakened by the light that turned on in the plane. The cell phone indicated three more hours to spend in this sky dream, but the people started applauding. We landed and I did not know where. Had we finally arrived or was it a whole other city? While stepping out the arrival gate, I finally encountered personally the armenian letters and the meaning …

Otvorenje Veliki Žitnik

Opening of the Educational center in Veliki Žitnik

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On Saturday, 16th of July 2016 Outward Bound Croatia opened its Educational center in Veliki Žitnik, with a purpose to work with children on their character development and to discover their possibilities using the method of learning through experience. That is one of the main reasons why is our Educational center the right place for youth to overcome their inner boundaries. Outward Bound Croatia has …

EVS vidljivost

EVS in Serbia (2.2.2015. – 27.1.2016.)

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Through this long term EVS project “Voluntarism – a link that connects us!” our volunteer from Croatia (Nikolina, 26) volunteered for a year in an NGO in Serbia (from 2.2.2015. – 27.1.2016.). This project gave volunteer the possibility to acquire experience and knowledge about intercultural dialogue, voluntary service, and civil society in general by living and working in Serbia – a country which is in …


EVS in Croatia (1.7.2015. – 26.3.2016.)

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Longterm EVS project Outward  Bound serving community organized by Outward Bound Croatia (OBC),  took place in Zagreb and Veliki Zitnik in Croatia. Four young people from Macedonia, Germany, France and Italy volunteered for 9 months (1.7.2015. – 26.3.2016.) in OBC office in Zagreb and in OBC educational centre in a small villlage Veliki Zitnik during OBC educational programs in nature. The aim of the project …

EVS in jordan 2

EVS in Jordan 28.9.2015. – 29.3.2016.

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„Speak up“ is a 6 month EVS project between 2 partners, Croatia and Jordan, that included a volunteer from Croatia that volunteered from 28th September 2015 – 29th march 2016. Volunteer was helping with regular activities in Palestinian refugee camps, organized English lessons and activities for children using non-formal education methods which didn´t only allow the development of children’s English skills but also soft skills …


Eight-day technology-free adventure

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life begins at the end of your comfort zone Lucija Mlakar, 3.b My spring vacation in the Nature Park Papuk on a project led by the organization Outward Bound. iving with all the obligations, problems, deadlines and stress that our fast-paced everyday-life forces on us, we ask ourselves: do we even have time to „live“? We are breathing, but we are not living – we …


WPML sponsorship

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We just want to say thank you to, for granting us a free lifetime account as a non-profit organization that has social activity to the benefit of the public. WPML makes our website multilingual. Thank you WPML!

Alessandra EVS img 1

Why the EVS in OB changed my life

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This january I went to visit some of the beautiful islands in Croatia and I made my thoughts rippling across the waves of the wondeful sea. I was born and I grew up near the sea, I cannot resist its charme. Our friend Alenka asked me “What is the event or thing that changed your life?”. I didn’t hesitate and I said “coming in Croatia …

EVS Belfast

EVS in Belfast

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Be the change you want to see in the world… It is a statement from one of the biggest minds and peace workers Mahatma Ghandi but as well a motto I am trying to implement in my everyday life. It is as well the name of a project I am currently participating in and which makes me extremely happy. My EVS adventure started 4/09/2015 when …

EVS vidljivost

EVS in Novi Sad

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Hi everyone, my name is Nikolina and I’m about to finish my EVS, which was a wonderful and unique experience. My hosting organisation is VCV (Volunteering Centre of Vojvodina) and all the people working or volunteering there contributed to the overall feeling of unitedness of the community. The working space itself is very colourful and it is really hard to be in a bad mood …