Marija Mažić, mag.paed.soc., educator

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Eight days can feel like a short time or it can feel like a life time. This was confirmed by the youth from our Center who participated in the exchange program “Stronger for Tomorrow”, hosted by Outward Bound in the Lika region of Croatia. With all the interesting content on the course, outdoor adventures, social interaction, and group activities, it seemed as if the days …

Dojmovi s druge donatorske večere

Impressions of the Second Donor dinner

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Outward Bound Croatia has successfully organized and carried out into the work its second Donor dinner, on the Tuesday, December 6 in the beautiful ambience of the Croatian School Museum. The Donor dinner has been a humanitarian, with the aim to raise funds for the wards of the “Dom za odgoj djece i mladeži Zagreb” in order to enable them to participate in the Outward …

Izvještaj s OBI konferencije 2016.

Report from OB international 2016 world conference

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This year, Outward Bound International World Conference was held from 31.10. – 04.11.2016. in North Carolina, Kanuga, Conference Center, http:/ Outward Bound Croatia had two representatives – Lovorka Šimunec, president of the organization and Vladimir Mesarić, president of Security Committee. The Conference was attended by more than 100 participants from 34 OB schools around the world. Theme was „Building Today for a Stronger Tomorrow“. With …

Donacijska večera

2016 was marked by a successful cooperation

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During the 2016 Outward Bound Croatia has achieved a successful cooperation with two Croatian Rotary Clubs, Rotary Club Zagreb and Rotary Club Zagreb Gradec. Guided by the same values, together we have carried out several important projects of greater significance to the community. Rotary is an international association of persons from the professional and business world with the humane aim who appreciate and promote high …

2nd dononr dinner

The Second Donor Dinner 06.12.2016.

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Info about the dinner Outward Bound Croatia is organizing its second donor dinner with the motto “Let’s change the lives of young people. On a better. Forever.”. The purpose of this event is to raise funds which will allow an unforgettable experience of Outward Bound program to children from the institution “Dom za odgoj djece i mladeži Zagreb”. Together with you, we want to donate …

Otvorenje Veliki Žitnik

Opening of the Educational center in Veliki Žitnik

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On Saturday, 16th of July 2016 Outward Bound Croatia opened its Educational center in Veliki Žitnik, with a purpose to work with children on their character development and to discover their possibilities using the method of learning through experience. That is one of the main reasons why is our Educational center the right place for youth to overcome their inner boundaries. Outward Bound Croatia has …


Eight-day technology-free adventure

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life begins at the end of your comfort zone Lucija Mlakar, 3.b My spring vacation in the Nature Park Papuk on a project led by the organization Outward Bound. iving with all the obligations, problems, deadlines and stress that our fast-paced everyday-life forces on us, we ask ourselves: do we even have time to „live“? We are breathing, but we are not living – we …


WPML sponsorship

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We just want to say thank you to, for granting us a free lifetime account as a non-profit organization that has social activity to the benefit of the public. WPML makes our website multilingual. Thank you WPML!

Alessandra EVS img 1

Why the EVS in OB changed my life

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This january I went to visit some of the beautiful islands in Croatia and I made my thoughts rippling across the waves of the wondeful sea. I was born and I grew up near the sea, I cannot resist its charme. Our friend Alenka asked me “What is the event or thing that changed your life?”. I didn’t hesitate and I said “coming in Croatia …

Oprema za boravak u prirodi

Outdoor Equipment

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Outward Bound Croatia uses all kinds of sport and adventurous activities in nature to bring its participants into situations unfamiliar to them. It does that to take them out of their comfort zone. So, on our programmes one can experience adventurous activities like kayaking, free rock-climbing, scuba diving and hiking. Of course, all of these activities requires more or less specific equipment. In the following …