A Participant’s Experience: Dive Into Yourself!

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Mateja Serdar (25) spent 8 days on an Outward Bound course called “Dive into yourself” we organize each summer. These are her impressions: “8 days, 76 kilometers, 1 cave discovered, 2 rocks conquered by rock-climbing, 7 new friendships, and 1 emotional breakdown. The person that came up with the name of this course really hit the mark! One week after the best adventure of my …

Iskustveno učenje

Experiential learning

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Have you ever noticed a young child trying to avoid hot objects, like a burning candle because of the discomfort and pain caused by it during his/her past experiences with fire? Do you think, the child would learn the dangers of fire if he/she had not directly experienced it? Well, here’s when the concept of experiential learning slides in. For thousands of years humans have …

Kako izgleda tipičan dan na OBC ekspediciji?

A Typical Day on an Outward Bound Expedition

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Are you getting ready for your first Outward Bound course? Or maybe you’re still not completely sure whether to apply or not? 🤔 To make your decision and preparations easier, in this blog, we’re going to present you what a typical day on an Outward Bound course looks like. Let the adventure begin! Rise and Shine Sunrise at the Outward Bound camp is one of …

OBC oprema za boravak u prirodi

The Outdoor Equipment You’ll Need on Your Outward Bound Course

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Are you getting ready for your first Outward Bound course? If your answer is yes, you’re probably wondering about what equipment you should bring with you. 🤔 Well, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’re going to answer the most common questions about outdoor equipment and, hopefully, solve all your doubts! Outward Bound Croatia courses include outdoor and wilderness activities, which include situations very …

Communication skills all students should develop before graduating

Communication skills all students should develop before graduating

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Communication is a topic you could spend your whole life learning about. It is as complex as human beings themselves, but also as the social structures that frame it. Unfortunately, learning to communicate authentically and efficiently is not something that finds its place in our school curricula. The result is that, at the end of their school education, many students haven’t developed the ability to …

Kako iskustveno učenje u prirodi razvija empatiju kod djece

Can outdoor education teach children empathy?

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Empathy and compassion are some of the key social skills that allow us to be cooperative, tolerant, understanding, and offer and accept help. Although we may have more than ever possibilities to digitally connect with other people, it seems like the lack of face-to-face communication has led to a decrease in empathy among young people. We’ve already discussed the benefits of occasionally engaging in a …

OBC Aktivnosti u prirodi

Educational outdoor activities

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What you might experience on an OBC course if you accept the challenge and sign up Nature is a powerful teacher who accepts everyone ready to face a challenge and get out of their comfort zone. All OBC courses, whether they last for one, five or eight days, are held in the outdoors in which we let the participants immerse to learn more about themselves. …

Kako poticati motivaciju učenika u nastavi?

How to motivate students in the classroom?

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One of the biggest challenges almost every teacher faces on an everyday basis is how to motivate students to participate actively in the classroom and learn. From your own experience, you surely are aware that not only is it easier for you as a teacher to work with motivated students but that motivated students are much more successful in their undertakings in school and outside …

OBC iskustvo stažiranja 2019

Internship in OBC: developing solidarity

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Outward Bound is all about unlocking young people’s potential – when it comes to participants and our staff. This year we provided the opportunity to two young people to take part in a paid 6-month traineeship in our organization as part of the project “Outward Bound opportunity for growth”. We wanted to hear from our interns themselves what the experience was like. Have a look …