Outdoor education
for adults

If you want to try out something new and push your boundaries, you're in the right place! Outward Bound activities are made for anyone ready to get out of their comfort zone and use their experience to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Dive Into Yourself - 8-dnevni Outward Bound program na Velebitu!

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What is Outward Bound?

1. Authentic Adventure

An Outward Bound course is a unique experience of immersion into nature, living and collaborating in a group, and overcoming your self-imposed boundaries. Its goal is to get you out of your comfort zone and show you that you can do much more than you think you can. Our instructors will be there to support you in the process.

We created a program that will, in 8 days, offer you plenty of new experiences and learning opportunities. You'll develop your communication and teamwork skills, the ability to solve problems and lead your team.

Whether it's spectacular the Velebit peaks that you will conqueror, or the feeling of belonging to a group that up to yesterday was a bunch of strangers – an Outward Bound course is an unforgettable experience and an authentic adventure.

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2. Digital Detox

Expeditions are departures into the unknown. They lead you to explore hidden corners of the world around and inside you. How can you expect to discover something new if you're constantly being interrupted by the sound of notifications that bring your mind back to everyday worries and responsibilities?

An Outward Bound course is not a standard outdoor holiday because it requires you to leave all your electronic gear at the start– your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. We store them safely and head on!

Eight days without distractions, fully present within your group and in nature will make an impact. Despite all the kilometers you walked, at the end of the course, you'll feel focused and recovered.


3. Instructors

Our instructors are outdoor enthusiasts and experts in various disciplines, such as alpinism, speleology, mountaineering, sports climbing, and kayaking. They take care of your safety during the course, offer support and encouragement.

But, don't expect our instructors to be typical outdoor guides. Their role is to encourage the participants to explore their independence and decision-making.

They are skilled at asking the right questions in the evening circle to help turn your experience into insight that you can implement in your everyday life.

Their goal is to unlock the potential of each participant and encourage you for future challenges.

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4. Safety

Our priority in implementing our courses is the maximum level of safety of our participants and staff. Outdoor activities necessarily contain a certain level of risk. However, our safety procedures, our attested equipment, and our skilled instructors systematically minimize it.

Our Safety Board oversees the safety procedures for all our course activities. They're based on our yearlong experience and the tradition of the Outward Bound International.

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