We Are Outward Bound

Our team consists of nature lovers, experts with a vision of what contemporary education should entail, and optimists who believe that a change for the better is possible. The enthusiasm and perseverance of our staff are our driving force.

Permanent Staff

Lovorka Šimunec

Lovorka Šimunec Vlahovich

President of the Association and Director of Outward Bound pustolovina j.d.o.o.

President and co-founder of Outward Bound Croatia. Graduated in philosophy and religious studies and completed a postgraduate specialist program in business marketing. Manages our education center in Veliki Žitnik and strategic projects.

Lana Jošt - OBC podpredsjednica

Lana Jošt

Vice-President of the Association and Project Manager
Since 2013, she has designed, written, and implemented EU, national, and local projects. So far, she has prepared an incredible 96 grant proposals. Biologist, mentor to new members of the team. Occasionally she facilitates non-formal learning activities.
Dubravka Šimunec - Tajnica udruge i voditeljica poslovnice Outward Bound pustolovine j.d.o.o.

Dubravka Šimunec

Secretary of the Association and Office Manager of Outward Bound pustolovina j.d.o.o.
Apart from managing the office and administration, she is involved in the preparation of project proposals and is responsible for the monitoring of finances. Economist, manages advertising, and maintains client relations.
Dora Pilepić, voditeljica OBC prodaje

Dora Pilepić

Sales Manager
Graduated economist with experience in the promotion and sale of compulsory and didactic materials in primary and secondary schools. She was also educated in the field of projects from EU funds and digital marketing. She loves nature and animals, and in her free time she enjoys hiking.
Ozren Milaković, Program Director

Ozren Milaković

Program Director
Joined our team as Outward Bound instructor in 2019, experienced in guiding different kinds of outdoor education programs. A nature enthusiast with extensive mountaineering experience, speleologist, climber and a member of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. As OB program coordinator, he is responsible for the flow of our programs and activities, communicating with clients, preparing the programs, coaching our instructors and coordinating groups.
Lucija Balen,  Main Instructor

Lucija Balen

Main Instructor
OBC instructor since 2019, experienced in implementation of international Erasmus+ and ESC projects and leading workshops of experiential learning and social skills improvement. As a main instructor, she prepares and leads the programs, communicates with the clients and takes care that our programs go as planned. She is active in the outdoor world since 2009, when she first joined scouts.
Marija Mažić, Coaching Coordinator

Marija Mažić

Head of instructor education
A social pedagogue dedicated to learning, teaching, developing individuals and teams, and monitoring the social impact of organizations. Member of the OB team as an instructor since 2016, and currently dedicated to empowering OB instructors in the field of planning and implementation of the program.
Oliver Linzbauer, Coaching Coordinator

Oliver Linzbauer

Coaching Coordinator
Oli joined the OBC team in 2018 as an instructor. He holds a master’s degree in engineering and computing. Currently responsible for soft skills development workshops and the training of new instructors.

Instructors and Logistics (Field Staff)

Vedran Ferenčak
Outward Bound instructor since 2019.

Čedo Josipović
Outward Bound instructor since 2006.

Mia Jović
Outward Bound instructor since 2018.

Romana Kalauz
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Lucija Kauf
Outward Bound instructor since 2016.

Domagoj Keber
Outward Bound instructor since 2019.

Dubravko Kezić
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Lana Koller
Outward Bound instructor since 2019.

Majda Kovač
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Marta Krištofić
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Marko Lopac
Outward Bound instructor since 2019.

Matea Zatezalo
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Matija Malinović
Outward Bound instructor since 2019.

Maja Marinić
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Slađana Mišić
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Dean Mlađenović
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Anthea Paulić
Outward Bound instructor since 2018.

Kristina Perić
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Trzezbor Piekutowski Bonk
Outward Bound instructor since 2016.

Kristina Pongrac
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Helena Polšek
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Karmen Preskar
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Ivana Rakuljić
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Ana Šabanović
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Pavao Šoštarić
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Filip Štrlek
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Darko Šrut
Outward Bound instructor since 2007.

Rene Turković
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Toni Vuleta
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Hana Zudenigo
Outward Bound instructor since 2022.

Vanja Žunić
Outward Bound instructor since 2021.

Safety Board

Vladimir Dado Mesarić

Vladimir Dado Mesarić

President of the Safety Board
Internationally certified mountain guide and mountain leader, instructor of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, a legend of Croatian alpinism. Member of the 1979 Mt. Everest expedition that completed a first ascent of the West Ridge. Established most of the program and safety procedures in OBC.
Ozren Pleše - OBC Član odbora za sigurnost

Ozren Pleše

Member of the Safety Board
One of the co-founders of the organization, who used to be the vice-president and an active OB instructor. His specialty is GIS mapping, and he has extensive experience in organizing outdoor programs and leading groups.
Naš tim: Neven Kalac

Neven Kalac

Member of the Safety Board
Our newest member of the Safety Board is an experienced guide of hiking, climbing, caving, biking, and kayak tours, and team buildings around Croatia. In his free time, you will probably find him on the sea – sailing, swimming, or sea kayaking.
OBC Tim: Petra Kejla

Petra Kejla

Member of the Safety Board
After years of fieldwork as an emergency medicine doctor, she completed an alpinism course, and up to today, she takes part as a doctor and lecturer alpinism, hiking, and mountaineering courses.

Board of Trustees

Damir Begović - OBC Predsjednik starateljskog odbora

Damir Begović

President of the Board
A consultant of the Elka management, up tho recently the director of Elka, has more than 40 years of professional experience – from INA-Inženjering, to INA-Projekt, Elektroprojekt d.d., HEP, Ingra d.d., and Elka.
Stanimir Vuk-Pavlović - OBC Član starateljskog odbora

Stanimir Vuk-Pavlović

Member of the Board
Co-founder of OBC who, moved by the post-war problems of our society, noticed the need for this type of youth work in Croatia. He has lived and worked as a scientist in Rochester, Minnesota, for more than 35 years.
Lucijan Koržinek - OBC Član starateljskog odbora

Lucijan Koržinek

Member of the Board
Civil engineer, an exceptional professional with numerous successfully realized construction projects in his portfolio. He has been an athlete from a young age – skier and ski-instructor, hokey and water polo player, swimmer but his most remarkable success was in judo.
Roman Danko OBC tim

Roman Danko

Member of the Board
A sociologist with professional experience in the non-profit, for-profit, and public sectors. Co-founder and director of the company CO2cut and manager of the social cooperative Humana Nova Zagreb. Apart from extensive experience in news reporting, Roman is also enthusiastic about sailing.
Naš tim: Miroslav Huzjak

Miroslav Huzjak

Member of the Board
After many years as a manager, Miroslav is now the chairman of the board of M San Grupa d.o.o. As an active sport climber and alpinist, from the seven summits, he already conquered four – Mt. McKinley, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, and Aconcagua.
Iva Balent

Iva Balent

Member of the Board
Our newest member of the board of trustees has extensive experience in marketing in the tech industry, from M San Grupa to Samsung, and Xiaomi Technology, where she works currently as a Retail marketing manager.

European Solidarity Corps Volunteers

Weronika Tessar Volunteer

Weronika Tessar

Vero is from Poland, she has been active in non-governmental organizations since her teenage years. After completing her studies in Human Resource Management and 3 years of work as an advertising specialist, she decided to volunteer in Zagreb. Her passion is doing 48 hours city breaks to other countries.
Miriam Sokolowska

Miriam Sokolowska

After her studies, Miriam from Poland decided to move to Zagreb to volunteer. She is interested in literature, social work, environmental protection, human rights and traveling. She speaks four languages – Polish, English, Serbian and German and is currently learning Croatian. Before her studies, she volunteered in the youth centre in Germany.

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