Safety in the field for everyone included – our participants, staff, and accompanying persons – is our top priority.

80 Years of Experience in Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education programs follow the highest safety and risk management standards established from the experience of more than 80 years of Outward Bound around the world. Thanks to that, we can ensure the physical and emotional safety of our participants in our courses.

Outward Bound International, a worldwide network of organizations of outdoor learning we are part of, regularly reviews our safety procedures and advises us about the best practices of other Outward Bound centers. That way, in addition to our internal control mechanisms, we ensure external quality assurance.

The Full Licence that we have proudly carried since 2016 guarantees that Outward Bound Croatia complies with all quality and safety standards that the Outward Bound brand stands for.

Safety Board

Our Safety Board consists of association members and external experts who have been chosen based on their advanced level of experience in outdoor disciplines: mountaineering, climbing, speleology, and kayaking.

We’re proud to call Vladimir Dado Mesarić, one of Croatia’s most renowned alpinists with about half a century of experience in leading expeditions in high mountains across the whole world, one of the founders of our organization, and the president of our Safety Board.

The permanent members of our Board receive additional support from external experts from the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and medical emergency doctors to foresee potential risks in the field.

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Field Staff

It is our instructors, specialists, and logistics personnel who is in charge of putting our safety measures into practice to minimize risks on our courses.

After a selection process during which we evaluate their previous experience in outdoor activities and facilitation skills, the instructor candidates complete a training course developed by OBC.

Our instructors have the opportunity and responsibility to continuously learn about outdoor education by taking part in training courses within and outside our organization.

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