Annual reports and statute

Here you can read some of our annual reports, get a closer look into our 10 years of work and our efforts to change the lives of our biggest treasure - the youth!

From a enthusiastic group of volunteers and pioneers in experience-based learning in the nature, we grew to a respectable professional organisation which is the leader in the field of non-formal education in Croatia, as well as a great example of running a business in the non-profit sector.
Our vision and mission are aimed to the future of our children and to the creation of a better society, and that is why we have all possibilities and chances for growth. That is exactly what we showed with our achievements through this 10 years.

We want to thank everyone who ever was or still is included in the work of our organisation, because even the smallest piece of your time and effort helped to change someones life, to discover new worlds, new strengths, and this is never going to be forgotten.

Annual reports


Download statute

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