About us

Outward Bound Croatia is a non-profit organization that delivers outdoor experiential learning courses.

Our work and our courses follow the values of cooperation, compassion, courage, and responsibility.


Our mission is to encourage young people to discover and develop their potential and create a better world for themselves and others through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.

Our Story

Outward Bound Croatia was founded by a group of experienced professionals with a background in science, business, and adventure-travel in 2005.

Our first 10 years were marked by the volunteering work of enthusiasts who made a persistent effort to bring the Outward Bound method of non-formal education closer to parents, teachers, decision-makers, and youngsters in Croatia.

In 2016, we've opened our first Educational center in Veliki Žitnik in the Lika region.

Since then we've been continuously growing in numbers of our courses, participants, staff, and volunteers. We're constantly working on raising the quality of our courses and designing new ones, educating our staff and raising the level of safety in the field.

Our Work

Today, we organize our work in two interconnected units:

The non-profit association Outward Bound Croatia provides opportunities for non-formal education, mobility and volunteering programs to youth. This way we aim to develop the youngsters’ competences and increase their social inclusion.

The association is particularly focused on raising funds to enable youth with fewer opportunities to take part in our courses.

Our social entrepreneurship company, founded and run by the association, develops structural cooperation with schools around Croatia and internationally. It also provides opportunities for adults to build their character through outdoor experiential learning.

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What is Outward Bound?

The Outward Bound philosophy can be expressed in Kurt Hahn's famous saying: „There is more in you than you think. “

We believe in the power and intensity of learning and adventure in the outdoors – as a means of bringing out the best in our participants.

An Outward Bound course is all about learning and the impact this has on the individual. With the instructors' support, the participants reflect on their experiences on the course and come to insights about themselves and the world around them. Based on these insights, they can change their mindset and behavior in different life situations in order to realize their potentials.

Outward Bound is about much more than developing technical skills for activities in nature – it's about adventure, facing the unknown, pushing your boundaries, developing courage, resilience, determination, responsibility, compassion, leadership and team-work skills.

In short - it's about developing life-skills.

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The History of Outward Bound

Outward Bound courses were originally developed by the educator Kurt Hahn, who opened the first Outward Bound school in Wales in 1941. Initially, he had designed the courses to develop the skills of young sailors, who had a difficult time in the harsh conditions on the sea.

Hahn had noticed that, compared to their older colleagues who had less physical strength but more life-experience, the younger sailors were struggling much more. “Outward Bound” is a sailor's term of a ship leaving the harbor and sailing out to the open sea.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are made for.”Kurt Hahn

Hahn wanted to build the young men’s character by providing them with real-life experiences that developed their self-confidence, resilience, cooperation, compassion, and responsibility. Soon, young people from other backgrounds started to join the courses and Outward Bound schools around Europe and the world were founded.

Outward Bound International

We're a proud member of Outward Bound International, a network of Outward Bound schools in 34 countries around the world. Outward Bound International builds on more than 75 years of experience and today stands for the highest level of quality in outdoor experiential education.

Find out more about Outward Bound International.

Outward Bound International

Who is Outward Bound for?

Outward Bound courses are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their skills, challenge themselves, and discover their potential.

We work with a very diverse range of clients: schools, youth groups, social care institutions, businesses, and individuals.

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Our Courses

We tailor each of our outdoor experiential learning courses to the needs of its participants.

We deliver our courses in the most beautiful areas of Croatia: forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, and the Adriatic Sea.

The wilderness is our classroom, and the safety of the participants and staff is our highest priority.

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