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10 years of success

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The 10th of December 2015 Outward Bound Croatia celebrated its 10 years of success!

In 2005 our ship decided to leave the safe harbor, to go outward bound. Because “a ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” And that’s what we did, we left the safe and comfort land with an equipment of good motivation and energy, ready to discover and explore.

From that day, we have been sailed the sea of adventure, with our sails to the wind of challenge, surfing between experiences and sharing our trip with a lot of people.

The 10th of December was the occasion to be all together, to look behind with satisfaction and with the awareness that the trip is continuing and will continue. And, of course, it was the occasion to have fun and celebrate!

We celebrated the 50 amazing programs we had during 2015, supported by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the city of Zagreb.

We celebrated the success of Erasmus Plus projects: from 2009 to 2014 we had 22 projects; and in 2015 we had 14 projects more. Training courses, youth exchanges and EVS for a total of 424 people involved.

We celebrated our house in Veliki Žitnik, the place from where the adventures will begin, and the 1088 participants we met during our trip.

And, of course, we celebrated friendship, tenacity and hard work.

With tasty food, hot wine, Christmas decorations and the candles on the cake we toasted together to our success and to the next years!

The ship will continue its trip, the wind will accompanies us, the spirit of adventure will always be our compass. And we know it will take us far.

Here is the small taste of the atmosphere. 🙂

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