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inner potential

We are a nonprofit educational organization, and we exist to show as many people as possible that there is much more in them than they think there is.

For more than 18 years, we have been delivering outdoor education courses for school groups, youngsters, and adults.

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Outdoor Education Programs

In all our activities, we promote the values of cooperation, compassion, courage, and responsibility.

We have carefully designed our programs to offer the right level of challenge and support to each group of learners.

We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never again be prepared to settle for anything else.
Kurt Hahn, Co-founder of Outward Bound

Excellence as a Standard

We follow the highest safety and quality standards guaranteed by the Outward Bound brand.

We are part of an international network of organizations with 80 years of experience in outdoor experiential education. Our instructors have the technical skills for safely delivering outdoor adventure education courses and facilitating students' learning. And yes, some have been to Mt. Everest!

Personal development and Character Building

Develop your self-confidence, learn to collaborate in a team, take responsibility, and lead – all through challenging experiences in wilderness settings. Push your inner boundaries!

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